winter in tucson & spring in québec 2017

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The Yellow Bus Studio is no more. Its now. It is still a work in progress, but i have posted some  images of current work  in 4 categories: book arts, prints, glass fused, glass mosaics.

Had a wonderful winter in Tucson. Saw some inspiring shows, was in a few myself.

I took Maria Lee’s book arts class. Truly an awesome experience. Maria is an exceptional teacher, her energy and approach were very stimulating for the whole class. There were quite a few Paperworks members in the class, who are artists, so the quality of books being made was high. It was amazing to see the individual and unique approaches to the assigned projects.  Learned a lot and had lots of fun interacting with the other students. At the end we had a daylong sale, everyone did well. Again much fun.

Now i am back in Québec, have not seen so much rain in a longtime.

Have been experimenting with fusing glass and having interesting results. Have broken and reassembled some pieces, which i call my deconstructed glass. A quote from Louise Bourgeois: “cracks let the light in” was my inspiration.

I  will be in the Festival des Arts Georgeville Fitch Bay, at Murray Hall. The vernisage is on Friday July 21st from 5 to 7. Hope to see you. The show runs July 22nd -31st

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