where do the years go?

This winter in Tucson was one of my best, creatively.  I was back in the printmaking class, with fabulous David Andres as teacher and the many talented students who take the class. Very inspiring . I bought a press a couple of years ago, so mostly i worked in my studio, which was heaven. (class was very crowded, 29 students) with a critique at the end of the semester. Went to class to see what everyone was working on & socialize.

I was awarded 1st prize for mixed media in the Pima Annual Juried Show.

Towards the end of my stay I discovered the swimming pools  at Reid park. The temperature was right: 84F in the outdoor pool, 94F in the therapeutic pool. I swam 3 times a week. really miss it.

I am back in Quebéc again. I first thought that I made a mistake and arrived in March. Trees looked dead, no new shoots. No such luck. its been freezing &  rainy.

I did manage to plant to plant my raised bed garden in between rain drops. Lettuce is up! cant wait for the beans.

Spending a lot of time indoors i decided that it was a perfect time to update my webpage. A job that I always procrastinate on. So, took photos and posted images of PRINTS & BOOKS today.

Have been catching up with life here. The house is under construction. most everything in boxes awaiting new cabinets. It has been challenging. Cooking is a challenge & so is finding the shampoo. Well, it will be great when its done

I am getting ready for this year’s  festival de Arts Fitch/Georgeville, which will  take place July 20th to July 28th. 10h to 17h. every day.  The vernisages will be on the 19th of July at 17h-19h. At all four sites.

I will be at Murray Hall, hope to see you.   festivaldesarts.net




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