i am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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meanwhile, here is what i am grateful for:

being in tucson, even during the lockdown its manageable.

no tornadoes, no flooding no -20f temps, no earthquakes yet.

downside: school closed, no classes. no interactions with teacher & other students. library closed, no books,but kindle works. rec center (air conditioned) is closed have to deal with the elements. it has been 100f+for the last 3 weeks. very enervating. trick is to get up early. have not been able to go for lunch with friends (bummer) but we keep in touch.

some adaptations: walking on the beautifully landscaped bike path early every morning before the temperatures rise. see the roadrunners everyday, every tree, bush & shrub is in bloom. not a soul in sight.

i have been working in my studio just about everyday. without input or inspiration from the other students. i was able to follow my whims (no idea where they come from) mostly pleased.. have posted some prints on my website. also some fused glass made last fall. also experimental.

tomorrow we head up north to quebec. border with canada is still closed. horrific logistics. not looking forward to the trip but it will be nice to be in the woods again.

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