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I have just added some images to GLASS MOSAICS. These panels are selected from work done between 2010-2017. I tried to feature a variety from each period.

i don’t know where the summer went. which is probably a good sign. Very nice weather all Summer. This last week it has turned frigid! Time to fly south.

I exhibited my work at the yearly Festival des Arts Georgeville & Fitch Bay. We had fewer visitors than last year, but my sales pretty much stay the same. Its always nice to hang out & catch up with the other artists. I was happy. We have a new president, Danielle Hudon, for the Association, so we are good for another 2 years. It is a lot of work setting up the show every year. So the president has to be really committed. Thank you Danielle.

After the festival I worked on some of my prints, started a lightweight summer quilt, still a way to go, its all hand quilted, for when the nights a re sultry & humid.

My favorite project was working in the woods for a couple of hours everyday. trimming trees, raking up dead fall, carting it away to a burn pile, I now have a good sized area cleared out next to the meadow i have bee mowing for years (to keep the brush down). Its good exercise!

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