Christmas in Tucson 2017

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aphrodite’s apples

I think Christmas is a propitious time to post new photos on my site. a gift.

i have been inspired & energized to work on new plates in my studio. Pima is not in session yet.  Even when the class is in session, its getting harder to work in the print lab. Too many students are showing up to use 2 presses.  So its a perfect time to print with my new press, which I purchased last year and have not really had time to use last winter. I was too busy with my book arts class assignments.

When I print plates, I usually work in series. I vary the inks also the papers. It is interesting to see the differences of the same image. I have posted the new images under PRINTS.

I have also added some GLASS MOSAICS that I had not had time to post.


Hope next year is an improvement.



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